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Citrus Fruits

It's time to go from a spectator to an


participant in your health!

Getting rid of unnecessary sugar in your diet isn't easy.

That's why I created this handout! Now you can find the hidden sugars in the ingredients of processed foods you eat.

I am now officially challenging YOU to try to eat foods which do NOT have these sugar alias names in the first 5 ingredients!


Health & Life Coaching

Feeling low energy?

Little niggling things bothering you like lower back pain or feeling stuck in your ways?

Health and life coaching may be just the remedy.

Functional Nutrition Coaching

If you're struggling with blood sugar levels, negative test results from the doctor, IBS, or other stomach ailments, it may be what you're eating (or not eating)!


We don't always realize that we're eating poorly until it is too late. Functional nutrition can help!

Meet Karen

My 32-year corporate career ended when my doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol medicine. He gave me 4 months to lower it on my own, so I researched endlessly and was finally able to lower it by 52 points in 30 days—without pharmaceutical drugs! No smoke and mirrors. No hard-core starvation - I ate real food!

Some of my greatest challenges came from resistant thoughts, feelings, and well-intended loved ones—we rarely embrace change easily. Soon after, I dove head-first into a new career as a Certified Health Coach, Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, and became Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and then I launched Living Longer Healthier.

There was a stark difference between my corporate careers in the medical field for 6 years and then the IT world for 32 years, but I'd never lost interest in health, science, and a lifelong love of food. My doctor’s push to lower my cholesterol was just what I needed to merge my lifelong interests and find my true calling as a health coach!

I prefer to coach in a collaborative way. I GET IT--no one can sustain “cold-turkey” changes. “Health is only a forkful away,” means that you can hit your goals just one manageable bite at a time. My clients have been amazed by the breakthroughs they’ve experienced working with me, and you can too!


Let's chat!

Locally: Granada Hills, CA 91344

Got it! I'll be in touch!

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