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Kind Words

Here's what my clients have to say:

With Karen's gentle and un-judging help, I have untangled even the worst of my bad eating habits.  She showed me ways to pay attention when I have cravings and how to recognize the unseen forces that are driving them. I can tell that my habits have shifted permanently for the better, and I feel good about that. 

She is always available for a quick call or email question. She has been a real partner in my endeavor to become a better eater and a healthier person in general.  She has kept me accountable and on-track to a new me!  I highly recommend her health coaching services to anyone struggling to understand and change their eating and lifestyle behaviors.

Joni B.

Karen's coaching program has helped me keep my goals in the forefront of my brain.  I've had great success with habit change due to the connections I make for the positive.  Her coaching program has been a great opportunity to reorganize my life, focus and succeed!

Armida Cruz

Karen has been a real blessing to me on my way to a new life style change in eating whole plant based foods. I met her on a holistic vegan cruise in February which was life changing week for me.  She lives in California and I live in Florida but we have sessions once a week by phone for an hour.  We share recipes, ups and downs most of all she is an encouragement to me on this journey.  Let her be a blessing to you, too.


The best part for me is that when we start, things surface.  I can really feel the depth of the truth that comes up.  It is a deeper level of me coming up.  A lot of resistance comes up.  I feel like I am standing at the edge of a pool contemplating, but know it will feel good.  There is safety and reward in authentic disciplining self with no escape route.


Karen is a person with a positive attitude and work ethic. Over the years, I have seen her constantly and successfully strive to improve the quality of her life and those around her. She and her husband, Brad, are a team in making positive changes in their outlook and diet. She is an intensive researcher in learning about how what we eat and feel impacts our ability to face adversity and enjoy life to the fullest.

After observing her work, i was intrigued and ask Karen if she could help coach me to help with life-style changes and diet; we worked together for several months and I found that having her always upbeat feedback (no judgment) was helpful in getting me through a very stressful period of my life.

She is fun and funny, thoughtful about everything we discussed, specific in keeping notes on our conversations. In our subsequent session, she would have researched the things that were stumbling blocks for me, and suggesting ways that I could trying to get around them.


Karen is full of resources and good ideas. I liked how she shared what she's read, learned and
incorporated into her life throughout the workshop.

It’s more than information. It is practically backed up by sources. 


Khanh Le, DDS
Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Reiki Master Teacher

Your gentle approach is what I need to move my mountain.  

J. Becker

Karen Anderson is a light at the end of the tunnel on a journey to overall health, weight loss, and body satisfaction in a world where food pressures body shaming/ body hating are the norm. 

Working with Karen has been the best decision I have ever made. With each weekly phone call you tackle the challenges and problems that you are faced with in your health/weight loss journey. She always meets you at your emotional/energy level and provides innovative tools, motivation, and strategies to overcome your daily, weekly and lifetime challenges where you may have previously failed due to deprivations and guilt. The 12-week program is like nothing I have experienced before and you will have a completely changed view of food, health, happiness and body satisfaction.  You can only win with this program. 

Heidi, M.D.

Karen was able to work with my crazy schedule of commitments with my family, church, and even myself. Secondly, Karen is well versed in nutrition, from the “basic stuff,” to cutting edge information. “Basic stuff” is to just enjoy eating and chew your food 100 times before you swallow; cutting edge is knowing that there is an important place in our nutrition for Nitric Oxide. We barely scratched the surface!

While I always wondered how vegetarians got enough protein without eating meat products, I absolutely did not know that plant foods have protein!  Karen also taught me how to find foods that are more nutritious at different kinds of markets, and their locations. She even shared some delicious recipes!

Besides her knowledge about food, Karen also shared information on living a balanced life.  We need to recognize the impact of stress on our digestion, and how to use different types of physical exercises to de-stress our lives. Not to forget to surround ourselves with like-minded people and uplifting thoughts and prayers.

I learned so much from Karen. She was always encouraging, and excited about sharing something new with me. I hope others will take advantage of her expertise.

Juanita Arvizu, R.N.

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