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Deep Dive Body Balance Program


Program delivered via convenient Zoom or telephone coaching calls
As a Certified Function Nutrition Counsellor, I support clients one on one in this six-month program. These clients might be experiencing constant symptoms, from rashes to joint pain to depression to fatigue to belly bloating to headaches.  These symptoms don’t seem related, but they are.  But understanding a client’s unique roadmap to resolution of symptoms, and agreeing that everything is connected, we are all unique, and all things matter – including your environment and daily routines.

I educate my clients about what’s going on in their body and why making nutrition and lifestyle changes shift their health outcomes.  As we focus on symptoms, diet and lifestyle, each session we will assess, educate, recommend, and track the client’s progress.  This is a deeper dive than health coaching where often clients have been to many doctors who may not have time to support a patient with the time, information, or the support and information the client needs..  A diagnosis might even be evading them.


You are not alone in this journey – you can get educated and become empowered to take control of your health and even select your action steps every week.  We will take the week's activities and challenges into consideration, and we’ll discuss any hurdles that may come up in advance.  Each week focuses on symptoms, diet, and lifestyle, and I will also assess, educate, recommend and track progress toward your goals. Our bodies are all unique – our genes have not changed, but the environment (food, toxins, lifestyle) has changed and your genes are expressed in different ways. Everything is connected – diet and lifestyle matter.

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