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The Total Body Balance Transformation


Program delivered via convenient Zoom or telephone coaching calls
The Total Body Balance Transformation is for you if you want a tune up in your health - energy, moods, joint pains, weight, etc.  The weekly program supports you in achieving your goals each week. You are likely to discover and break through thoughts which may be keeping you from achieving your goals.  You’ll also experience lightness, no judgment, and experiment with new activities and foods.   Your new self will flourish with health and confidence in your abilities to take charge of your health.

During this program I help you to:

∙ increase energy and moods
∙ balance their blood sugar
∙ increase their sleep cycle
∙ reduce sugar cravings
∙ discover the foods best for you
∙ lose weight if you desire

The ONE-TO-ONE experience is uniquely designed for each client and we concentrate on the education and habit change protocols similar to the Group Experience but tweak it weekly for your unique needs and goals so you can experience success using tools, information and support to reach your goals.

The group experience supports a small group of clients (6 or less) through a sequence/progression of preset weekly actions.  We focus on learning and using tools to improve lifestyle choices and habit change, and as a group my clients take part in experiential exercises to increase their awareness of blocks or patterns which might be holding them back from achieving their goals.


You are not alone in this journey – you can get educated and become empowered to take control of your health and even select your action steps every week.  They will take the week’s activities and challenges into consideration, and we’ll discuss any hurdles that may come up in advance.  Each week focuses on symptoms, diet, and lifestyle, and I will also assess, educate, recommend and track progress toward your goals. Our bodies are all unique – our genes have not changed, but the environment (food, toxins, lifestyle) has changed and your genes are expressed in different ways. Everything is connected – diet and lifestyle matter.
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